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CSCA is supported by annual memberships. Memberships are available anytime throughout the year and are based on a 12-month term, starting with your sign-up date. Memberships must be manually renewed each year by visiting this page and paying for another year.

CSCA's year-round programming is designed to inspire, connect, and foster the growth of our membership. We are Graphic Designers. Copywriters. Educators. Students. Photographers. Illustrators. Artists. Marketers. Advertisers. Strategists.  Editors. Proofreaders. Publishers. Wordsmiths. Poets. User Experience Designers. Environmental designers. Recruiters. Directors. Editors. Filmmakers. Producers. Animators. Motion Designers. Makers. Storytellers.

If your world involves communicating with an audience in a creative way, CSCA welcomes you.

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CSCA turns 50

Established in 1970, the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts (CSCA) was founded with the intent to foster, advocate for, and elevate the art and science of communications. Throughout our history, the creatives who make up this society have worked in diverse industries and worn many hats in their careers, but what unites our past and future is simple: we are storytellers. 

Immense gratitude is due to those who came before us—the countless leaders, educators, volunteers, and sponsors, who through their time, talent, and generosity have shaped this organization. As CSCA enters its 50th year, we reflect that, although the technological and cultural landscape is much different today than in 1970, our work is fundamentally the same, and so is our purpose.

These founders knew that together we would be stronger—and our diversity is our strength.

Thank you for being a part of our creative community. We are absolutely honored and thrilled to be your 2020 Co-Presidents and hope to make this year memorable and insightful.

Cheers to another 50 years of authentic connections and impactful experiences. 

Jeremy Rosario & Suzy Sprague

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